Thank you for your interest in my work. Here you will find my online portfolio of current and past projects, as well as things that inspire me.

I have a passion for art of all forms... photography, design, writing, music to name a few. Although I have specialized in portrait photography, I am skilled in social media marketing, design and creative business development. My knowledge in various realms as well as my creative process allows me to help businesses gain edge in the increasingly competitive online realm.

I first got into photography about 8 years ago, when my children were young. I fell in love with documenting our everyday moments and finding beauty in unexpected moments and places. I have focused on portrait photography and graphic design design for much of the last 7 years now and after much soul searching, I have decided to focus more attention on expanding my photography into what I am truly passionate about- which is landscape, documentary and lifestyle photography. I will still be offering portraits, as that was my first love, but also feel the calling to explore the photojournalism side of the industry. I am currently seeking freelance photojournalist and travel opportunities both locally and worldwide. In 2019, I look forward to participating in my first photojournalism workshop abroad and am excited for what’s in store!

I am also passionate about spending time in nature, volunteering time into environmental protection and women’s and children’s non-profits, reading a good book, learning about other cultures and people, wellness, cooking and most of all, my two daughters. They inspire my every day and are my two greatest teachers.

Please do check back to stay updated with my work!

Feel free to email me at: cailireneec@icloud.com

or by phone: 509-868-7824